Remote Work

Is this the new normal?!?

In this day and time, with remote work now becoming the new normal. Many companies that have workers working remotely are not equipped to handle the additional burden of securing not only their corporate network but also all of those devices that are now remoting into their network.

Why is this an issue?

  • Unsecured home network maintained by ISP-issued basic router with standard network configuration, which means once someone is in, they know where to go to cause damage, and chances are the default passwords are likely still in effect.
  • 10-100 devices on the network used by the household: no security inside the network, which means this would be an additional burden on corporate IT to manage the rest of each users network. Hint, they are not going to do so.
  • Children with no security skills continuing education at home. Those same children getting bored at home and going places they shouldn’t, which can open your network up to hackers and consequently your corporate network through you to damage.
  • No corporate IT to enforce security policy. It is the wild, wild west out here. Who is going to be your sheriff to keep things in order?
  • Supports only the device used for work, no attention to network and other devices in the home network. Having only a single protected point is okay, but when someone gets in they WILL wreck all sorts of havoc.

Okay…. you got my attention

What can you do to stop the deluge of attacks that will surely come? Disconnect from the internet and go hide in a hole? Well that would work…. but how would you get anything done? With the internet taking a front stage to keeping the world connected, you need a team that is willing to go to bat for you to keep your entire network safe and secure.

That is where Albright Tech Solutions comes in, we have years of experience keeping users safe from the big bad internet. With our sophisticated software with advanced AI engines, we stop viruses/malware/attackers/ransomware in their tracks. And we do so for a very competitive price.