Installation Support

You got yourself a beautiful brand new TV, but now you want to install it on the wall, and make it looks like it is floating, like you saw in the showroom. Of course, you could use the store’s install services… (which truth be told, 80% of those install companies are subcontracted out to third party installers that may not know what they are doing. And get paid a fraction of the ridiculous charge you pay.) OR you could call Albright Tech Solutions, and get your brand new TV installed so that it is exactly where you want it and make it look even better than the setup at the showroom.

You just moved into a new home and you want a surround sound system in your den, again you could work with the company that you bought the system from, or you could call Albright Tech Solutions to get it installed perfectly and balanced so that your room sounds like you are in the middle of the action!

Does your wireless internet signal not reach your whole house? Are you still using the standard modem/router that you got from your internet provider. Guess what…. that is likely the problem. Those routers may look all fancy, but there innards are SUPER basic and cheap. (How else would your ISP be able to afford to give them away like they do?) Having an actual router with access points makes just so much sense. You get the coverage that you want and the speeds that you need.