Computer Repair

These days you need someone you can trust to fix your computers, keep your data secure and speed things up when it needs it. Here at Albright Tech Solutions, we do that and more!

When pop ups and notifications start to ruin your experience online, we can deploy solutions to fix those issues and keep things of that nature at bay.

Computer running slowly, we can usually fix your computer up to get more life out of them, making things work better and faster. And when things go south, we are there too to restore your computer to the condition when you purchased it.

Antivirus that works with you instead of against you. Keeping you safe is what antivirus programs are suppose to do, but many of the top ones these days have grown much too big for their britches and try to do everything.

A swiss army knife does have all of the tools you would want, but when you are assembling a desk, you are likely to want an actual screwdriver/drill to get the job done faster and with less hassle.

Our antivirus software (backed by Webroot), sits in the background of your computer quietly monitoring what is going on, scanning as needed and fixing the problems before they get out of hand, with the included Webroot Shield, it helps you navigate the web but letting you know if a website you are visiting is not safe.

Our online system backups keep all of your files safe in a secure offsite location with state-of-the-art encryption. When ransomware strikes, getting access to your files is paramount, and those scammers will do anything to get money out of you.